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Welcome to Adinfer-ChessEval!

Until 1976, most of the computer programs were written for big computers, property of famous universities.
Chess was considered the ultimate proof for the world of Computational Sciences, but very few believed in the possibilities of computers: Chess was an Art and nobody was ready to admit that a day the preponderance of Human Beings would be questioned.

In 1967, the International Chess Computer Championship was held, opposing the University of Moscow and Stanford University....
In 1977, the first Dedicated chess Computers were commercialized.
In 1978, the first North American Chess Computer Championship was organized in San Jose, California, next door to Stanford University...
In 1996, the largest Museum of Computer History was installed in Mountain View at some miles of distance from Stanford.

From the heart of the Silicon Valley, home of Google (Mountain View), Apple (Cupertino), Facebook (Palo Alto), Hewlett Packard (Palo Alto) and Stanford University, I welcome you and invite you to visit my collection of Dedicated Chess Computers.

All the computers and their photos presented in this site (excluding the Journal) are pieces of my collection.

With Hans van Mierlo, I have created a  publication, the ChessEval Journal.
We will release regularly papers about Dedicated Chess Computers and their history.
This Journal is open to everyone wishing to report on some rare chess computers.
A lot of collectors expressed their support to Hans and myself.
Thanks to all of you.

Maurice M. Ohayon, MD, DSc, PhD



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All the computers presented in this website (with the exception of the ChessEval Journal) are pieces of my collection and the photos are representing them and only them unless otherwise specified.

The section "ChessEval Journal" includes computers that I don't own. The papers are done under the responsibility of their authors. I edit all of them respecting completely the views of their authors.