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------------------- Recent Information 2015 ---------------------

October 21, 2015

Several new papers in the section ChessEval Journal:
- two papers by Karsten: one is on the Conchess series
- one paper by Hans van Mierlo on the 31st Leiden Tournament.

------------------- Year 2015 ---------------------

January 23rd 2015

Happy New Year!
- the page on the WCCC Almeria 1988 is completed.
- computer lists were updated and some photos were added.

February 15th 2015
The photos of many computers were added... Work is still in progress.
See CXG and Systema/Krypton pages...

April  6th 2015
- the page on the WCCC Portorose 1989 is complete;
- CXG and Systema computers have now almost all their photos.
- Yeno and Hanimex also.

June 3rd, 2015
The ChessEval Journal is publishing 2 new papers:
- Leiden notification for June 2015.
- the rare Sphinx Commander CXG 3018

July 12th, 2015
Julio Kaplan and his programs

July 15th, 2015
The Quest for the Three Unique Original Daimler-Benz Chess Boards (Part 1)

-------------- YEAR 2014 -------------------

January 26th, 2014

The site was updated.
I am in the process to inventory all the computers, modules and printers. Photos need to be done.
The lists by brand are incomplete.
The ChessEval Journal was launched with a first editorial by our friend Hans van Mierlo.
The first article is exciting: the Boris HANDroid by Rob van Son... a rare computer precursor of the Novag Adversary and the 2Robot.
The Rare computers section is including more computers.

February 18th, 2014

The inventory of the collection by brand is on its way.
The access to the Brand category has been deactivated temporarily.
Presenting a list only could be a solution... 

February 20th, 2014

TASC R30 was added in the section Rare Computers.
In the ChessEval Journal, a new article:
The Never Released Tasc R30 Version 2.23.

March 1rst, 2014
The Robot Adversary was added in the Robot section .

March 7th, 2014
The Robot section is updated with movies of the main pieces.

March 11th. 2014
section was updated.
I have included a movie from a Neurological Association doing a Campaign to collect funds for Brain Research.
I support completely this initiative: Neurosciences must become a priority in every country...

March 26th. 2014
A new page in the ChessEval Journal: the Megathon 2400...
In the "Wood" Section, I described the Fidelity Elite Auto Sensory (EAS) - Budapest and Glasgow (click on the link).

March 27th. 2014
My friend, Hans van Mierlo, asked me to give the following information about the Leiden Meeting.
The meeting will be held the 17th May 2014.
The computers with a 1951 active Elo list will be authorized to participate.
See Leiden 2014

March 31st. 2014
The Elite Avant-Garde Multiprocessor V5 is published in the section Rare Computers.

April 4th. 2014
I updated the list of computers by brands after a long and fastidious inventory.
Some brands I collected are not still in the listing, nor the rare computers...
This will take a while.

April 30th. 2014
In the ChessEval Journal,  The Odyssey of the Caravelle...

May 2nd 2014
Section Eldest is on its way... Eldest

May 20th 2014
New tournament in Leiden.
To see the results: Leiden 2014, part two.

June 28th 2014
Section "Robot" was updated.
Section "Eldest" includes now a more exhaustive review of the Boris of Applied Concepts and Chafitz. Still some adjustments and work remain to be done.
The Collection list was updated, but still needs some additions.
Photos will be added in the next months.

July 27th 2014
Section "Eldest" includes now more computers on the period 1977 to 1980.
I am looking to add the computers of the year 1981.
Section "Eldest" will be an history of the 5 first years of the De
dicated Chess Computers since the first one commercialized by Fidelity in 1977.
In the section "Rare" computers, I have updated numerous pictures of computers.
I am working on the World Microcomputer Chess Championship. I will limit the scope to the period of 1980 to 1993. After 1993, the Dedicated Chess computers were practically disappearing from the WMCC and the PC were taking all the laurels.

August 16th 2014
A lot of modifications... find them...
and new pages:
- the
RFT/VEB table is a very rare computer: only very few were ever made.
- the ChessEval SAG 9 is just finished and you may see the first photos...
ChessEval SAG 9.
- exclusivity: the original wood board (no electronics) used by Fidelity for the Grand Master Voice:
Grand Master Voice

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