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ChessEval Collection by Brand


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Reference: ChessEval Collection, ChessEval Website (, 2014

  1. Advanced Computachess, Model CXG-006
  2. Advanced Portachess - 1982 Version
  3. Advanced Portachess - 1984 Version
  4. Advanced Star Chess, Model CXG-211
  5. Advanced Star Chess/Rexton Star Mini -, Model CXG-211
  6. Chess 2001, Model CXG-2001
  7. Chess 3000, Model CXG-3000
  8. Chess 3008, Model CXG-3008
  9. Chinese Chess, Model CXG-217
  10. Chess Voyager, Model CXG-202 Computachess, Bronze, Model WA-001, White and Allcock
  11. Computachess, Eureka
  12. Computachess, Model CXG-022
  13. Computachess II, Model CXG-002
  14. Computachess 2, White & Allcock
  15. Computachess III, Model CXG-008
  16. Computachess 3 (Rexton Stratege), Model CXG-008, White & Allcock
  17. Computachess IV, Model CXG-227
  18. Crown, Model CXG-228
  19. Enterprise "S", Model CXG-208
  20. Enterprise "S", Model CXG-208 variant
  21. Galaxy Mark II, Model CXG-011
  22. Pocket Chess, Model CXG-219
  23. Portachess, Model CXG-202
  24. Portachess II, Model CXG-223
  25. Sensor Computachess (Bronze)
  26. Sensor Computachess, White & Allcock (Bronze & Silver versions)
  27. Sensor Computachess (Silver) - French
  28. Sphinx 40
  29. Sphinx 40 Plus
  30. Sphinx 50
  31. Sphinx Accolade, Model CXG 808
  32. Sphinx Alicante, Model CXG-328
  33. Sphinx Chess Card, Model CXG-241
  34. Sphinx Chess Professor
  35. Sphinx Chess Scholar, Model CXG-268
  36. Voyager, Model CXG-202
  37. Sphinx Comet, Model CXG-902
  38. Sphinx Concerto, Model CXG-623
  39. Sphinx Concerto, Model CXG-603
  40. Sphinx Dominator v2.02, Model CXG-239
  41. Sphinx Dominator v2.05, Model CXG-239
  42. Sphinx Galaxy, Model CXG-230
  43. Sphinx Galaxy 2, Model CXG-628 (hold Springer+Bauer buttons and turn on the device. "test" appears In the two 4-digit displays followed by the version number).
  44. Sphinx Galaxy 2, Model CXG-628W
  45. Sphinx Granada, Model CXG-247
  46. Sphinx Granada, Model CXG-347
  47. Sphinx Junior, Model CXG-237
  48. Sphinx Legend, Model CXG-301
  49. Sphinx Madrid, Model CXG-901
  50. Sphinx Portachess, Model CXG-202 - French
  51. Sphinx Royal, Model CXG-240
  52. Sphinx Sierra, Model CXG-647W
  53. Sphinx Seville, Model CXG-807
  54. Sphinx Seville, Model CXG-807 Variant
  55. Sphinx Titan, Model CXG-270
  56. Sphinx Titan, Model CXG-270 Variant
  57. Star Chess Blue, Model CXG-209, 49-42128
  58. Star Chess Red, Model CXG-209, 032/236839
  59. Stratege, by Addex Design (CXG Sphinx Seville)
  60. Super Crown, Model CXG-218
  61. Super Crown v2.0, Model CXG-218
  62. Super Enterprise, Model CXG-210
  63. Super Enterprise, Model CXG-210C
  64. Supra, Model CXG-240

Sphinx Backgammon, Model CXG-269
Sphinx Backgammon, Model CXG-369

Chess Series

CXG Chess 2001CXG Chess 2001CXG Chess 2001CXG Chess 2001
CXG Chess 3000CXG Chess 3000CXG Chess 3000CXG Chess 3000 CXG Chess 3008CXG Chess 3008CXG Chess 3008CXG Chess 3008

Computachess Series

CXGEureka ComputachessEureka Computachess
CXGCXG Sensor Computachess
CXGIMG_9875.JPG (2911855 bytes)IMG_9863.JPG (1581049 bytes)
CXG Sensor ComputachessCXG Sensor Computachess

CXGWhite &  Allcock  Computachess IIWhite &  Allcock  Computachess II

White  & Allcock Computachess 3White  & Allcock Computachess 3
CXG Computachess IVCXG Computachess IVCXG Computachess IV

Crown Series

CXG Crown

CXG Super CrownCXG Super CrownCXG Super Crown

Enterprise Series

CXG Enterprise "S"CXG Enterprise "S"CXG Enterprise "S"
CXG Enterprise "S"CXG Enterprise "S"CXG Enterprise "S"

CXG SuperEnterprise 210CCXG SuperEnterprise 210CCXG SuperEnterprise 210C
CXG Super EnterpriseCXG Super EnterpriseCXG Super Enterprise
CXG Super EnterpriseCXG Super EnterpriseCXG Super Enterprise
CXG Super EnterpriseCXG Super Enterprise

Portachess Series

CXG Pocket ChessCXG Pocket ChessCXG Pocket Chess
CXGCXG PortachessCXG Portachess
IMG_9991.JPG (2190562 bytes)IMG_9992.JPG (2006048 bytes)IMG_9993.JPG (2750982 bytes)
CXG Portachess RubyCXG Portachess RubyCXG Portachess Ruby


CXG Sphinx 40CXG Sphinx 40CXG Sphinx 40CXG Sphinx 40 CXG Sphinx 40CXG Sphinx 40CXG Sphinx 40CXG Sphinx 40 CXG Sphinx 40CXG Sphinx 40
CXG Sphinx 50CXG Sphinx 50CXG Sphinx 50CXG Sphinx 50
CXGCXG SphinxCXG Sphinx CXG Chess CardCXG Chess Card
CXGCXG Chess VoyagerCXG  SPHINX Chess Voyager

CXG DominatorCXG Dominator

CXG GalaxyCXG GalaxyCXG Galaxy
CXG Granada 247 CXGCXG SphinxCXG Sphinx
CXGCXG Sphinx MadridCXG Sphinx Madrid CXGCXG SPHINX Portachess CXG Sphinx ScholarCXG Chess ScholarCXG Chess Scholar CXGCXG Sphinx
CXG TitanCXG TitanCXG TitanCXG Titan
CXG TitanCXG TitanCXG TitanCXG Titan

CXGIMG_9830.JPG (2779640 bytes)
CXG Star ChessStar Chess (blue)CXG Star Chess
CXGCXG Star Chess
CXG CXG Advanced Star Chess (Rexton)
CXG Advanced Star ChessCXG Advanced Star Chess

ChessEval Collection by Brand


This is ONLY a listing of the computers in my personal collection. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the computers manufactured by a brand.
ALL lists and photos of the ChessEval website are representing ONLY the computers I own (except for the computers displayed or discussed in the Journal Section).

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