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CXG Sphinx Granada: the 247 and 347 Models
Written by Maurice M. Ohayon
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Ohayon MM
Reference to cite: Ohayon MM. CXG Sphinx Granada: the 247 and 347 Models, ChessEval Journal, 12, February 2015,

The Granada CXG 247 was a popular chess computer.
Conversely, the Granada CXG 347 is a more difficult to find computer.
The two computers are different by their design.

Their presence in the ChessEval Collection allows their comparison.

The two computers have the same program as the Sphinx Sierra (CXG-647W), Sphinx Seville (CXG-807), Sphinx Royal (CXG-240), Sphinx Supra (CXG-048). Excalibur Stiletto Deluxe (Model 638E).

General Description

Box and board of the Granada 247 & 347
Granada CXG 247CXG Granda 347

CXG Granda 247CXG Granada 347

CXG Granda 247CXG Granda 247

Comparison of the 2 boards

Granada vs Granada

CXG 247 Hardware
CXG Granada
CXG Granada 247
CXG GranadaCXG247Processor
Microcomputer series: (C)
1988 Newcrest 105 HD614042SJO2  OB1 Japan. Hitachi HMCS404C, 4 Bit Single Chip, 4.0 Mhz

CXG 347 Hardware
Cxg Granda 247CXG Granada 347
CX-347 Microchip

Rear Labels
CXG Granada 247CXG Granada


Newcrest Technology manufactured the Granada CXG 247  in 1988 and the Granada CXG 347 in 1992:
- program by David Levy & Mark Taylor
- 64 levels
- pressure-sensitive board
- sixteen LEDs on two sides
- Hitachi HMCS404C, 4 Bit Single Chip, Microcomputer series: (C) 1988 Newcrest 105 HD614042SJO2-
  version OB1 for CXG-247; 2H1 for CXG-347
- 4MHz
- memory: ROM 4 K x 10 Bit, RAM 256 x 4 Bit
- 4 AA batteries or 9V DC adapter
- rating: beginners, Elo 1173 for thr CXG-237


CXG-247 and CXG-347 share the same name.
They have a different design and a practically identical electronic.
However the version of the microcomputer is different: version OB1 for CXG-247; 2H1 for CXG-347.
It will be difficult to know what are the modifications for the 2 microchips, but some improvement may have been foreseen by the manufacturer justifying the change of version... maybe in term of performance... simple supposition.