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ChessEval SAG9 (68030 - 33MHz

Written by Maurice M. Ohayon
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Reference to cite: Ohayon MM. ChessEval SAG9 (68030 - 33MHz), ChessEval Journal, 10, August 2014,

First photos of a new Dedicated Chess Computer: the SAG9 equipped with a Motorola 68030/33MHz.
This computer is only a hobbyist work without commercial intent... not for sale.

About the board
This board is made using solid blocks of walnut and hard maple.
Each square is glued on all four sides.
Handcrafted, the playing squares are 2-1/4" on this board.
The board is sanded and finished like a fine piece of furniture with several coats of a clear satin lacquer. 
The shape on the edge is rounded.
This board was done by the Drueke Company. It is a true vintage board.
It was modified as follows:
- eighty one holes of 1mm diameter were drilled giving four leds by square.
- on the right side of the board:
        - two large displays.
        - eight holes for the control leds (5mm diameter).
        - eleven holes for the control copper buttons.

More technical details to come...
For now, only some photos.