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Leiden, 31st User Tournament, October 2015

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The CSVN is organizing another users tournament on Saturday 17 October 2015.
We will start promptly at 10:00, so be sure to arrive on time.
The location will open at 9:30 and will close approximately at 17:00 with the prize ceremony.

If you would like to participate, please send an email to Luuk Hofman, Duivendrecht, Monday 5 October the latest.
The email address is
There is, as usual, no registration fee.

If you would like to participate but you do not have a good chess computer, you will have the possibility to borrow one.
And if you only want to watch, you're welcome too!

Rules for the 31st User Tournament

Maximal playing strength for this edition is 2200 ELO.
The playing strength is according to the “Aktiv” norm of the Wiki list. In principle, only computers listed with a rating less than or equal to the above mentioned playing strength can participate:

Because of time limitations, the time control for the tournament is 30 minutes per game per computer.
Participation with a special computer (not on the list cited above) will be at discretion of the tournament leader. In any case, the computer must not exceed the above mentioned playing strength.
Participation is with a dedicated chess computer, which means a computer specially made to play chess, e.g. with a wooden or plastic board or a portable chess computer. Other forms, e.g. a laptop with chess program, are not allowed.
The user can always offer a draw.
The game is lost when a player runs out of time.
Time will be tracked with an external clock and, if necessary, external chess boards, The organisation will take care of that.

It is allowed to set the level at the beginning of the game.
It is also allowed to change the level during the game, unless the computer is thinking.
It is not allowed to force the computer to move.
Clock exceptions can be made for Robot computers due to their slow behavior. For a game with a robot computer the internal clock of that robot computer is the clock that will be used for both players.
The tournament leader will decide in all other cases.

The list of players/computers will be provided later.
I have given up the SPARC active 2200 elo.