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The Leiden Meeting 2014
Written by Maurice M Ohayon
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Reference to cite: Ohayon MM, Leiden 2014 Notification, ChessEval Journal, 7, April 2014,

My friend, Hans van Mierlo, asked me to give the following information about the Leiden Meeting.
It is my pleasure to do it.

The meeting will be held the 17th May 2014.
The computers with a 1951 active Elo list will be authorized to participate.

The Leiden Meeting 2014

Presently, the following participants are registered:

1-   Geert Roelof van de Ploeg - Mephisto Amsterdam, elo 1931
2-   Hans van Mierlo - Conchess T8, elo 1940
3-   Luuk Hofman - Saitek Galileo Maestro D 6 MHz, elo 1919
4-   Hein Veldhuis - Mephisto MM IV, elo 1951
5-   Peter Schimmelpenninck - CXG Super Enterprise on 16 MHz, elo 1750 +-
6-   Henk van Weersel - Mephisto Super Mondial II, elo 1935
7-   Ries van Leeuwen - Fidelity Kishon Chesster, elo 1859
8-   Rob van Son - CXG Sphinx Galaxy, elo 1935
9-   Tobias Gora - Novag Super Expert A, elo <1950
10- Markus Pillen (Germany) - Mephisto Super Mondial, elo1877
11- Olaf Jansen (Germany) - Novag Emerald
12- Rudiger Patommel (Germany) - Saitek Analyst C 6 MHz

If the number of participants is not even, Hans will operate 2 computers and will add the Saitek Corona or the Fidelity A/S 2100 or the Sakkara Vega. In fact, Hans prefers to have Computers with different programmers for the pleasure to see different styles of games ongoing during the Tournament: it would be more challenging and probably surprising...

David Kittinger, Richard Lang, Frans Morsch, Julio Kaplan, Ulf Rathsman, Kaare Danielsen, Ed Schroder, Kate and Dan Spracklen are the programmers involved by the participants' computers.
IIt seems that the Tournament promises a lot of exciting moments.

We asked Hans which of these would be his favorite: for him, the Novag Emerald is in top position to win the Finale.

We will update the list of Players and Computers as soon as we have the information.
Hans van Mierlo promises to give a report on the games and  their results on a day by day basis.

Thank you Hans and good luck for the Tournament!

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