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Leiden 2015

Written by Hans van Mierlo
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Hans Böhm challenges old chess computers at the 30th CSVN Tournament

On the 13th of June, the 30th User Tournament will be held at the Denksportcentrum in Leiden, Holland.

This year we will have a special edition of this Tournament where we have invited Hans Bohm, a well-known chess player in Holland to talk about the past decades of Computer Chess.
Hans Bohm is a former IM (International Master).
He did many analyses of chess computer matches vs Humans.
During many years, he did a TV program about Chess and Computers on the Dutch TV. 
During the meeting, Hans Bohm will discuss the games with the operators and give more information about old chess computers. From his own perspective, he will discuss the upcoming of chess computers up to the Deep Blue challenge. Jaap van der Herik will moderate the discussion and facilitate the exchanges with the attendees.
The beginning of this event isfixed at 12:00 hours. The event will end at 17:00 hours.

We have set a maximum for 12 systems for the tournament following this interactive discussion.
Hans Bohm will then perform a ‘simultaan’ chess performance against all 12 systems.
These systems will be varying in ELO from 1600 to 2200 ELO.
We have set up a limit up to which year the programs were programmed to 1997.
In this, we have limited the programs up to the Deep Blue period.
Emulations are allowed, however they may not exceed 2000 ELO points and the program used must be a program before 1997 for each chess computer system.
We prefer original systems..

Hans Bohm will award prizes to the system with the most beautiful design, the best game and the best move.

If you wish to attend or even play a system, contact Luuk Hofman at .
The limit date is the 1st of June to allow us to have enough time to prepare the meeting.
The maximum of competitors is fixed to 12.

Computer User Active Elo

CXG Concerto

Paul Wiselius


Saitek Präsident

Peter Schimmelpennink


Fidelity Prestige met Avant Garde 2

Rob van Son


Fidelity Elegance

Ruud Martin


Novag Diablo 68000

Hans van Mierlo


Novag Super Expert C

John Dijkstra


Mephisto Polgar

Geert Roelof van der Ploeg


Revelation II met Mephisto 3S Glasgow

Hein Veldhuis


Fidelity Excel 68000 Mach ll

Dirk Tegenbosch



Rüdiger Patommel


Sphinx 50 plus version 2.0

Tobias Gora

± 1900

Mephisto MMIV 10 Mhz

Xavier Goossens

± 2000