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Tasc R30 and versions (2.20, 2.23, 2.5, Gideon)
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Other Information:
Three versions of the "King" program of Johan de Koning exist:
- version 2.20 (April 1993);
- version 2.23 (May 1993);
- version 2.5 (1995).
These three versions are part of my ChessEval Collection.

The King version 2.5 is inside the TASC R40 (ARM2 40 MHz).
Two TASC R30 host The King version 2.20 and version 2.23.
The program Gideon of Ed Schroder is implemented in a third TASC R30.

The 3 TASC R30 are accompanied by the TASC Smartboard 30
, 81 leds.
The board has an automatic recognition of the pieces allowing fast configuration of chess problems.
These 3 boards are version I allowing to use them with the earliest version of the software including the Gideon of Ed Schroder.

Each one of the computer:
- has a red burgundy protective pouch
- comes with a different software version: version 2.20, 2.23 of The King by Johan de Koning and version 2.10 of Gideon by Ed Schroder
- has a set of 2 pouches for the chessmen. Each set has a different color (burgundy, beige and dark brown)
- has original or copies of the manuals for the board and the computer
They are in precious rare vintage Hartmann brief cases.

 TASC R30 Characteristics
- ELO: 2350
- Program The King by Johan de Koning: version 2.2 (1993); version 2.23 (1993); version 2.5 (1995)
- Program Gideon by Ed Schroder written in 1993 and released in 2012
- Processor: Arm6, 32-bit RISC
- 30 MHz
- RAM: 128 KB + 512 KB Hash table
- EPROM: 256 KB
- Library: 200000 half-moves
- Metallic plaque on the bottom to reduce the heat
- no fan
- LCD Display